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We fell in love with the idea of the Oranjezicht City Farm Project as it encompasses all which we hold dear and value - a neighbourhood non-profit project celebrating local food, culture and community. This inner-city farm initiative provides affordable organic vegetables to the City Bowl residents while inviting all to participate. Piloted by Sheryl Ozinsky and managed by Mario Graziani, OZCF seeks to reconnect not only the neighbourhood but the whole of Cape Town to this neglected piece of heritage through design, gardening activity and outreach. Homestead Park in Upper Orange Street, Oranjezicht is a true city treasure. The original Oranjezicht Farmstead, at one time the largest farm in the Upper Table Valley, was occupied by the van Breda family for 7 generations and the family burial tomb still exists in Montrose Avenue. Over time, pieces of the old farmstead due to the water needs of the expanding settlement, the last remaining land and homestead only sold in 1947, to the City of Cape Town. A derelict park for many years, it is only through the care of the community in recent times that this beautiful park has been restored and opened to the public to enjoy. By investing in this unique project we believe that, as an organisation, we are investing in the growth of our community and we are proud to be associated with this proactive and inclusive initiative.

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